Special Event

Younkers: More Than a Store

Apr 3
Tuesday 6:30 pm

For more than a century, Des Moines Younkers was an Iowa destination. The store boasted dazzling shopping spaces, and its Tea Room became a legendary spot for food, fashion shows, and theater nights. Join us as Vicki Ingham traces the history of the store. Ingham is the author of Younkers: The Friendly Store, a history of the department store chain. She’ll highlight some of the “firsts,” features, and services that made the store so popular.

The Art of the Taiko Drum

Apr 2
Monday 6:30 pm

Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion. The artform consists of people using large drums of varying sizes and perform in festivals and musical performances around the world. Learn about the different styles of Taiko drumming and how and where the drums are used in Japan and the U.S. You may even get a chance to play the drums during this interactive, educational event for all ages!

Social Security Changes for 2018: Knowing When and How to Access your Benefits

Apr 11
Wednesday 6:30 pm
As you approach retirement, the financial choices you make will have an impact on the rest of your life. Ray Kozicki, a financial strategist and educator, will help patrons understand delayed retirement credits and strategies that can help you get in position to retire with peace of mind. He’ll explain how cost-of-living adjustments impact benefits and discuss what age is the best time to access Social Security.

This workshop is provided free of charge through the Foundation for Financial Education 501(c)3 (F3E). No registration is required.

Financial Pitfalls: How to Avoid Financial Mistakes That Can Affect Your Future

Apr 18
Wednesday 6:30 pm
Life is a series of unexpected events. Sometimes, the best you can do is prepare for what you know is coming and prevent yourself from being caught by surprise. This is especially true when thinking about your financial health. Learn more as financial strategist Ryan Biniak discusses the stages of your financial life. He’ll talk about planning for life events, the importance of creating a financial road map, and how financial management strategies can put you in position to enjoy life with good cheer.

AViD Presents: Ryan Holiday

Apr 5
Thursday 7:00 pm
Ryan Holiday is a writer, marketer, and media strategist. After dropping out of college at the age of 19, Holiday went on to become the director of marketing for American Apparel. He has since written six books, including The Daily Stoic, Ego is the Enemy, and Perennial Seller. Holiday’s creative agency, Brass Check, specializes in working with authors, media companies, and startups. Through Brass Check, Holiday has advised companies such as Google, TASER, and Complex.


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