Special Event

Teen Smoothies

Jul 16
Monday 4:00 pm
Create a Great Smoothie In Minutes!
Smoothies are quick, and easy to make when you have a blender and a variety of fruits and vegetables to work with. Smoothies can be filled with vitamins, minerals, and protein to help keep you energized and healthy, and you can “have it your way” any time of day. Come create your own concoction and have a tasty, healthy smoothie!

Apartment and Small Space Gardening

Apr 4
Wednesday 6:30 pm
Do you have a small space or perhaps just a balcony for a garden? This is the class for you!

Learn how to assess sunlight, find the best planting spot, discover the joys of container growing, use vertical space, and select the best plants. Taught be Derek McKay, horticultural specialist from Ted Lare's Garden Center, learn methods to keep your small-space gardens happy and healthy!


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